Many people wait until their skin is unbearably dry and cracked to apply hand and body lotion, but it really should be applied every day! Maintaining a consistent skincare routine is the best way to reap the many benefits of lotion and show significant improvement for healthy skin. Feeling and looking better couldn’t be simpler!


Dry Skin

Applying quality body and hand lotion is crucial during months of extreme weather; for people in certain climates, that could be every day. Cold weather plays a significant role in dry skin, and it’s most noticeable when it comes to the hands. 

Because hands are more exposed to weather, work, and handwashing, they need constant care. Applying hand lotion daily has a hydrating and moisturizing effect, getting rid of uncomfortable and unsightly cracked skin. Applying body lotion to oft ignored areas, such as elbows and feet, also helps improve any rough patches of skin.

Sensitive or Irritated Skin

Hot weather can irritate the body, too, as sweating in high temperatures can cause unpleasant chafing. Some people also have naturally sensitive skin no matter the weather. Anyone prone to redness or irritation can improve their quality of life by applying lotion and moisturizer.

Supple Skin

Even those with generally resilient skin can still benefit from the routine application of hand and body lotion. Its hydrating and moisturizing qualities make all skin types softer and more supple. No one ever complains about holding a soft, smooth hand!


Supple, moisturized skin is important not just for feeling better, but for looking more vibrant and youthful. Regularly applying hand, body, and face lotion reduces wrinkles and brightens complexion, which is the key to anti-aging. The best hand lotion and body lotion is made with cold-pressed ingredients, like the vitamin-rich beauty products from Therapispa!  

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