Cold Waving Perm Solution / Cosme

$ 30.00

For Tinted or Damaged Hair

Its breakthrough technology provides you with curl versatility to create the curls you've always wanted. Ideal for adding body and movement, curls can be easily loosened or enhanced with styling.

Net wt. 10.1 fl oz / 300 ml X 2 ea

Relaxer + Neutralizer (Liquid Type)

Warning: This product is solely intended for those with specialized knowledge and understanding of the product and problems resulting from non-professional use are entirely the responsibility of the user.

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Therapispa was founded with a clear mission: to inspire, build, supply, and impact salons and beauty industries with vision, purpose, and style.

In 1999, J. Lee started his career in the New York Beauty Industry as a cosmetics developer. With the help from the International Cooperative Research and Development Program, he was able to work and research with chemists and salon professionals from various fields. Through this experience, Dean was able to bring extensive knowledge of salon business to the beauty industry.

However, both the financial market as well as the beauty industry market suffered from the Great Recession in September 2008 after Lehman Brothers in New York declared bankruptcy. Small businesses, especially ethnic minorities and women-oriented salon businesses were hit hard by the economic downturn. As a family member and a friend of beauty supply immigrants witnessing the economic downturn of the beauty industry, Dean wanted to help build back the salon business network and community.

He wanted to demonstrate that a business can grow, be profitable, and help the community without charging a premium for services and products. He believed that the products used in the salon must be effective and at the same time provide comfort to the customer; both inner THERAPY + luxurious SPA feel. It takes creativity, empathy, and innovation to achieve that goal. Thus, Therapisa was created in 2009.

Therapispa mission has always been to formulate the finest product, help small salon businesses, and treat salon professionals as their own.

We formulate skin, hair and body care products with the highest ingredients, and with therapeutic pleasure in mind. We believe the best product should be able to simplify the salon procedure with excellent effect and maximize the productivity of the salon with easy use.

We create a sustainable business model for small salon businesses by developing new innovative products and services.

We continue to improve the quality of our products by reflecting the feedback and insights from salon experts from all around the world. Rather than relying on our understanding, we listen to valuable guidance from people who've used our service or product to earn their trust.

We envision that our innovative products and our new beauty trends will give our customers positive wellness energy and provide effective purpose and style.

In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as an official pandemic in the United States. Without any warning, the New York state-wide lockdown was quickly imposed. Due to this instant and sudden change, New York City endured through overall economic devastation and many businesses were shut down, and even more people became jobless. Similar to the Great Recession in 2008, numerous small salon businesses suffered tremendously from the long-lasting economic toll. It would take many months before New York City could even begin to reopen its economy and rebuild after the destructive effects of COVID-19.

During the intensive 12-week lockdown, we realized that similar events could occur again as population growth and advancements in technology can hurt our flora and fauna. We constantly asked ourselves, “How we can do more, and make a greater impact?”.

Our approach started by reimagining everything that a company and beauty industry can be.
As a cosmetic manufacturing company, the problem from our perspective is that people are using cosmetics more than necessary, thus creating a lot of plastic waste on our planet. After careful studies and consideration, we decided that our mission was to provide more with less by promoting 100% recycled plastic and simplicity.

From essential workers to non-essential workers, peoples’ skin barrier became damaged and dehydrated from wearing masks. Many of them use unnecessary amounts of skincare products to repair their skin. Our “LESS IS MORE” objective is to formulate multi-purpose and excellent skin care products, while also focusing on core functions and helping to reduce the number of cosmetics used by people.

Because most cosmetics use a large amount of plastic due to excessive packaging, this plastic is very difficult to recycle. One of the causes of extinction of wildlife and accelerating global warming is due to plastic waste not being recycled correctly. The new, multi-purpose skin care products will promote an efficient way to minimize the amount of plastic waste. Even with the higher cost of goods, we pledge to use plastics that are already 100% recycled to help minimize the creation of new plastics.

Excessive use of plastic packaging destroys the ecosystem and accelerates global warming by using more energy for transportation due to increased volume. Our sincere interest in simplicity and sustainable designs extends to every aspect of saving our planet. We strive to maximize the effectiveness of products that are essential for your skin and not on packaging. We believe the minimal design will reduce wasting of resources used for packaging and carbon energy from transportation.

The intensive 12-week lockdown gave us much time to research and formulate innovative products with efficacy and eco-friendly packaging in mind to help reduce plastic waste emissions. We envision that our business commitment to protecting ecosystems will positively inspire our communities to drive change in the right direction. By putting our motive, “LESS IS MORE” in front of all our future endeavors, we will strive to continue providing our customers with the best products while also saving our planet simultaneously.

The cosmetic industry generates a lot of plastic waste, and the excessive use of plastics destroys the ecosystem and accelerates global warming that leading to the rapid extinction of wildlife. At Therapispa, we are devoted to minimizing our environmental impact by designing compact packages, using 100% recycled plastic.

Our priority in sustainable designs extends to every aspect of helping our planet. We strive to maximize the effectiveness of product essentials for your skin while limiting plastic use. Even with the higher cost of goods, we pledge to use plastics that are already 100% recycled to help minimize the creation of plastics. The minimal design we pursue reduces the wastage of resources used in packaging and carbon energy generated in transportation.

We believe that our commitment to sustainability will positively inspire our communities to drive change. Our objective, “LESS IS MORE” strives to provide our customers with high-quality products while making a cleaner, more eco-friendly place on earth.

Since 2017, Therapispa has launched a variety of skincare products that aimed to offer a convenient and professional skincare experience right at home. In order to provide our customers with significant results, we have been analyzing consumer data on their skincare routines and product uses for an extensive time.

However, contrary to our expectations, we discovered that the majority of buyers were using more products than they actually needed, and were not receiving the most benefit from their expensive skincare goods.

Unlike the full range of products used in professional salons, home products should be as easy as 1,2,3; yet they also must show the best results. After three years of research and great efforts, we have developed the T-12 PROJECT; products based on simplicity and effectiveness, competing against other existing products in the market.

We created innovative products formulated to rebuild damaged skin barriers and to help maintain healthier skin by eliminating fragrance, color, and luxurious packaging that can mislead customers.

We believe that preserving healthy skin does not require a great number of items. By using less, we are preventing the waste of resources and energy used in cosmetic manufacturing, protecting endangered animals from environmental pollution, reducing the amount of plastic waste, and ultimately decreasing the risk of global warming and climate disasters.

The T-12 PROJECT was created based on these beliefs: Simplicity and Effectiveness. We will continue to develop products that are highly functional and will offer new and satisfactory experiences.

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