Cuticle Gloss Color / Apricot 9

$ 20.00

• No Ammonia  /  No Silicone  /  No PPD

• Cover Gray  /  Color-Correct  /  No Lift Up

The original beauty of hair can be lost due to damage from repeating hair color. Cuticle gloss color is a demi-permanent color that protects and keeps the hair beautiful. The gloss-type texture makes it hard to damage and allows you to enjoy a beautiful hair color while maintaining the original beauty of shiny hair. A new color scheme is proposed with a “transparent” color tone that maintains natural transparency and luster.

• Add volume & manageability
• Eliminates brassiness
• Refreshes color tone
• Enhances shin
• Just 10 minutes
• Easy to use

Net wt. 2.0 fl oz / 60 ml X 2 ( set )

After shampoo, squeeze out water and apply onto hair ( cuticle gloss color pour into cuticle gloss base OX2 container and shake well ). Leave on for 10~20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. 

If you wish, wrap your head in a plastic bag during processing to keep drafts off the head. Variations in scalp temperature can cause the color to process at different speeds. Wrap a cape or old towel around your shoulders to catch color drips.

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