Easy 3 Step Scalp Care / Bundle

$ 46.00

< Build-Up Cleansing Water >

Try this deep, yet gentle cleansing serum when your curls are weighed down by build-up from products, hard water, or pollutants. Micellar water acts like a magnet to attract and lift away build-up for thorough hair and scalp cleanse without stripping hair. Formulated with powerful micellar water technology, it helps remove build-up to leave curls soft, bouncy and shiny.

Net wt. 8.0 fl oz / 240 ml

< Hair & Scalp Renewing Mask >

This all new two-in one treatment is for all scalp and hair types which can get easily oily because of excess sebum. It treats damp scalp that’s unable to breathe and, moisturizes and cools scalp so you feel light, fresh, and healthy. It also nourishes hair with great ingredients and helps reduce hair loss. It is an essential for strong and healthy-looking scalp and hair.

Net wt. 8.0 fl oz / 240 ml

< Fortifying Scalp Tonic >

Protect and support your hair health to look thicker, denser, fuller, and healthier with Therapispa Fortifying Scalp Tonic. It is an innovative leave-on serum used to increase the thickness of each existing hair strand for a fuller-looking head of hair. It creates a natural defense against DHT build-up and excess sebum, resulting in excessive hair loss and thinning. It penetrates the hair and makes it manageable and full, as well as protects hair against breakage, allowing it to grow longer.

Net wt. 8.0 fl oz / 240 ml

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