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Some products which require professional experience are not sold on this website.




Some products which require professional experience are not sold on this website.




Some products which require professional experience are not sold on this website.

Pure Rich Signature Butter / Gold

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This luxurious butter is made with all-natural, carefully selected ingredients that deeply hydrate the skin and restore its natural vibrancy. The shea butter combines with antioxidant-rich essential oils to create a rich and creamy texture that melts into the skin for intense nourishment. Enriched with plant extracts and oils, it helps to reduce signs of aging, dullness, and dryness while smoothing, softening, and brightening all types of skin.

The unique formula also creates a protective barrier on the skin's surface to lock in moisture for long-lasting relief from dryness or itchiness. Our multi-purpose butter is perfect for treating head to toe: massage onto the face, hands, feet, or body – anywhere you need extra moisture or repair. Take your skin from dull to glowing with this unique therapeutic butter. Its long-lasting hydration and natural healing properties are just what you need for deep, lasting nourishment and improved overall appearance.

Net wt. 7.0 oz / 200 g

Apply a generous amount to the skin and massage it gently with a soothing, circular motion.

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Pure Rich Signature Butter


When we launched the THERAPISPA brand in 2009, the first product developed was a very high-quality cream for salon professionals to heal and protect their hands that are always hurting.

Every year, the formula has been upgraded based on customer feedback, and now it is a multi-purpose cream that can provide the best experience no matter where you use it on your face, hands, or body.

It has a unique creamy butter texture that is easy to use and suitable for all skin types. So whether you're looking for a light moisturizer or a therapeutic balm for dry skin ailments, this signature butter can nourish and protect your skin - safely and naturally.

However, we always feel sorry for not being able to make many products because the manufacturing method for creating a unique texture is difficult and complex.


There are several methods for extracting Shea butter from the nuts of the Shea tree. These include:

Cold pressing: This method involves crushing the Shea nuts and then pressing them to extract the butter. It is a traditional method that preserves the natural nutrients and vitamins in Shea butter.

Solvent extraction: This method involves using a solvent, such as hexane, to extract the Shea butter from the nuts. It is a faster and more efficient method, but the resulting Shea butter is often refined and needs some of the natural nutrients and vitamins found in cold-pressed Shea butter.

Roasting: The nuts are roasted before being crushed and pressed to extract the butter. This method gives Shea butter a more intense, nutty flavor.

Traditional method: This method involves using hand-crushing and grinding techniques to extract Shea butter. It's still a standard method used in many rural areas, where resources to use the other methods are limited.

Combination of methods: Some companies use various methods to extract Shea butter, depending on the desired properties and quality of the final product.

Cold pressing is considered the best method for extracting Shea butter because it preserves the natural nutrients and vitamins in Shea butter.

Cold pressing is a traditional method that does not involve chemicals or high heat, which can degrade the quality of Shea butter. As a result, cold-pressed Shea butter is often considered higher quality and is more sought after for use in cosmetics and skincare products.

Additionally, cold-pressed Shea butter has a more natural, nutty aroma and a creamy consistency, which many prefer over the odorless and more refined Shea butter obtained from other methods.

It is important to note that the best method may vary depending on the desired properties, quality of the final product, and expected output for specific industries.

Shea butter extracted by the cold pressing method is typically unrefined and has a yellowish or ivory color. It has a nutty, smoky aroma and a creamy consistency.

Cold pressing preserves the natural nutrients and vitamins in the shea butter, making it a popular choice for use in cosmetics and skincare products. It is also considered high quality and is often used in the food industry.

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