Enlivening Shampoo / Tonic [Value Size]

$ 78.00

This shampoo is specially designed to help soothe your scalp, balance the oil content of your hair, and stimulate circulation. Improve the density and luster of temporary thinning and losing hair with this unique combination of botanicals while feeling renewed and refreshed. This innovative formula, highly concentrated in botanical extracts, energizes the scalp and fortifies the bulb while restoring strength and density to hair. You may feel your hair become fuller, thicker, and more lustrous with each use.

Net wt. 25.4 fl oz / 750 ml

Apply to wet scalp and hair. Gently massage into a rich, luxurious lather and then rinse. Enlivening shampoo uses a highly concentrated, water-loving formula, rinse well by using plenty of water.


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