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Some products which require professional experience are not sold on this website.




Some products which require professional experience are not sold on this website.




Some products which require professional experience are not sold on this website.

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Firming Uplift Skincare Set

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< pH-Balanced Hydrating Wash >

We have been studying the usage patterns of our consumers over a long period. Then we found that most people think they are cleansing their skin correctly when they are not. This can cause a variety of skin problems and even cause permanent damage.

The primary purpose of cleansing is to remove external impurities such as foreign substances, oil, makeup, skin waste, and fine dust without irritating the skin. However, the essential ingredients for skin health, known as natural moisturizing factors, must remain intact.

The proper way to cleanse is to not feel any tightness on the face after washing, even if nothing is applied. This correct cleansing ensures that your skin breathes smoothly and stays healthy.

That is why the first step in moisturizing the skin is cleansing correctly. It is essential to choose a cleanser with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5, which is almost the same as the skin pH that does not damage the skin tissue.

Then, focus on cleansing for 60 seconds with the pH-Balanced Hydrating Wash, using only your hands. The cleansing time of 60 seconds is one of our suggestions.

If you feel a pulling sensation on your face after washing it for 60 seconds, it is recommended to adjust the cleansing time to find the most suitable time.

After washing your face, wipe off any moisture and use recommended Antioxidant Treatment Essence to protect your skin and prevent aging.

Net wt. 4.0 fl oz / 120 ml

Wet your skin before applying this facial wash. Using only your fingers, gently massage your face and neck for 60 seconds. Then rinse thoroughly. Recommended for daily use. If your skin feels dry and taut after use, you may find that 60 seconds is too long. In this case, reduce the use time to suit your skin type.

< Antioxidant Treatment Essence >

Did you know that your skin is constantly under attack from external factors? Environmental pollution, UV rays, fine dust, and even an urbanized lifestyle can all damage your skin barrier. Over time, this damage can lead to premature aging and many other problems.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your skin from these external aggressors. Using Antioxidant Treatment Essence can help keep it looking young and healthy. Its diverse and rich ingredients are formulated in unique stable proportions to achieve the optimal effect of skin rejuvenation.

Saccharomyces ferment filtrate, the most prominent ingredient in our essence, is extracted from the fermented yeast used in brewing beer in the brewery. We discovered this fantastic ingredient during the fermentation process, which left the hands of the brewers feeling young and soft.

This miracle ingredient holds moisture to the skin like a magnet, making the skin clear and transparent. It also promotes collagen synthesis, enhances tissue repair, and helps reduce signs of environmental damage.

Green tea is one of the most famous antioxidants in human history, rich in EGCG (EpiGalloCetechin Gallate), catechins, theanine, caffeine, and Vitamin C. In addition, it is effective in anti-aging by reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Also, it protects the skin from external factors for 24 hours and improves dull and tired skin tone by reducing pores and managing dead skin cells, giving vitality to rough skin.

Furthermore, various enzymes activate enzyme reactions that contain an immune enhancer called beta-glucan. It helps find the skin's balance, such as boosting the skin's immunity and preventing skin troubles, to help maintain young and healthy skin.

The Antioxidant Treatment Essence also acts as a "humectant" that increases the absorbent rate of active ingredients into the skin. As a result, you can feel the best results when used together with our special serum.

Net wt. 4.0 fl oz / 120 ml

Use daily after pH-Balanced Hydrating Wash. Gently pat over cleansed face and neck with your palms. This antioxidant essence protects from indoor and outdoor pollution, plus digital light, while increasing smoothness, luminosity, and suppleness. It also minimizes the pores and fine lines, hydrates, and preps for the next steps.

< Firming Uplift Serum >

Firming Uplift Serum promotes cellular respiration of the skin. In addition, it helps to activate fat cells, noticeably improving skin wrinkles and increasing elasticity within up to 84 days, depending on the age of usage.

Volufiline is a patented ingredient of the French cosmetics brand, Sederma. This plant steroid ingredient, phytosterol, interacts with fat cells and promotes the division and growth of fat cells, improving fine wrinkles on the skin. In addition, the ingredient does not affect hormonal activity, and its stability has been clinically proven.

Adenosine is a patented ingredient developed by the Medical School of the University of Massachusetts that also promotes cellular respiration to increase skin immunity and is effective in healing minor wounds. In addition, it strengthens the skin cells in the dermis layer to improve wrinkles and increase the skin's elasticity.

Net wt. 4.0 fl oz / 120 ml

After cleansing at night, apply a generous layer of this serum onto the skin. Gently massage and pat excess onto the face and neck, and do not rinse. Allow the product to work overnight. In the morning, follow your normal skincare regimen. Recommended to use the entire bottle within a month daily for best results and continue for at least 3 months.